Jan and Johno's Bash

How they make a difference

We raised $4,626

Our Motivation

What drives us to raise funds and join TasBash each year is that we know, in our own way, we are helping children in need right across Tassie.

“The kids love to see Blinky Bill and Friends and sing along to the music”

The favourite part of TasBash for us is visiting the schools, seeing the equipment that has been granted as a result of our fundraising efforts and watching the smiles appear on the children’s faces as we arrive in our themed cars. The kids love to see Blinky and Friends on the top of our car and sing along to the music we play as they all know the tunes.

“Our fundraising through the year makes a real difference”

One year we visited a school that had created a bicycle path, thanks to the money raised by TasBashers. We still remember how good we felt to see the children put on their helmets, jump on their tricycles and show us all how much fun they could have getting some exercise out in the sun.

“TasBash is like a family where everyone is welcome”

TasBash is like a family where everyone is welcome and we form friendships that last a lifetime. We get to visit some wonderful places that, even as locals, we wouldn’t normally think of travelling to and meet some incredible people along the way. Everyone is so friendly and genuinely happy to see us pass by. In some of the more remote parts of Tasmania, the TasBash is a real highlight for the people who live in these towns or villages.

“TasBash is like a having a holiday with a purpose”

At the end of the day we can put our feet up, enjoy some food with our friends and join in with the nightly entertainment. From theme nights, to ‘fundraising auctions, live music and much more, TasBash is like having a holiday with a purpose.

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