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Connie the Cow is again taking part in the Variety Federal Group TasBash to help kids in need in Tasmania

G’day! We are so excited to be taking part in this year’s Variety Federal Group TasBash!

The TasBash is a once in a lifetime chance to experience remote and regional parts of Tasmania in outrageously themed cars, all in support of Variety – the Children’s Charity.

Throughout the event, we’ll be visiting local towns, stopping into schools and organisations to help kids who are sick, disadvantaged or have additional needs through the provision of educational, health and mobility equipment. And the giving doesn’t stop there! Variety continue to support children, families and communities throughout the year with funds raised from the TasBash.

Help us give Tassie kids a Fair-Go – donate today every Dollar Connie and the Crew raise goes to variety and we see this money get distributed and its great

My Achievements

Goal! Ten donations received for kids in need!

$500 will supply an iPad for a non-verbal child

$1,000 will supply a specialised trampoline for children with sensory needs

$3,000 buys a portable scooter for a child with limited mobility

Oh wow $10,000 for kids in need. You are champs!!

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Great work boys



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