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Countless Tassie kids start their school day hungry. 

Either because their household can't afford breakfast, they've had to rush out the door or they've simply eaten so far in advance of school as they travel great distances to attend. 

The best start to the day

We all know the best possible start to the day involves a nutritious breakfast -  shown to improve problem solving, memory, concentration, and anecdotally, the teachers find the kids are calm and ready to learn.

Variety Breakfast Club enables schools to deliver a nutritious breakfast five days a week, to all students in their school - to eliminate the stigma of partaking. 

We also ask schools to invite parents in for a cup of tea and a chat too, to help foster a sense of community. 

The numbers


A hungry student can easily disengage from learning - this can equate to a loss of 1.5 - 2 hours a day - or almost a full term of school.


The number of schools that have run our pilot program, building capacity as we go in each school.


Decrease in negative behaviours since the Variety Breakfast Club was implemented in one of our partner schools.


Breakfasts have been served to Tassie kids this year thanks to the Variety Breakfast Club.

With your help,

Variety can ensure 2,500 kids have the best possible start to the day, every school day, for a year.

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Bring Breakfast Club to your school

If you are interested in learning more about Variety School Breakfast Club grants please email [email protected] or you can apply here and . 

Or if you have any questions please get in touch on

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